Street-level Hiroshima City Walking Tour

Although Miyajima and the Peace Memorial Park exemplify world heritage and world historical significance, Hiroshima City provides tourists with a casual sightseeing experience that can be enjoyed on foot or by tram.

Together with your "Buddy Guide", you will be visiting several spots around Hiroshima City.
This tour will provide the following:
- Learn the unique history of Hiroshima City
- Find Atomic bomb remnants that are still standing today
- Stroll alley ways most tourist never step into
- Have a coffee break at a nice cafe along the way

It is only a three-hour city tour with your "Buddy Guide", just like you are meeting up with a local friend.

By walking around with your "Buddy", you will discover the attractiveness of Hiroshima City, which has made a truly remarkable recovery from the Atomic bombing, developing into one of the most modern and enjoyable cities in Japan!

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