"Satoyama" traditional country house stay in Shobara

Satoyama traditional country house stay in Shobara

Located in the Northern part of Hiroshima prefecture, Shobara is a stage for the myth entailing the origins of Japan.
Many traditional buildings still remain in Shobara(one of the most in Japan), this place has unique scenes of villages and mountains, embodying the spirt of Satoyama, a place where people and nature coexist. Forests, farms, rice fields and Kominka (traditional Japanese house) seem to have remained unchanged since the Edo period.

A Fully packaged tour includes a luxurious Kominka stay, which accommodates both Japanese and foreign tourists alike.

- Three-day accompanied by an English-speaking guide as your "personal concierge."
- All seven meals are included! Dinners are prepared by a professional chef, using specially sourced ingredients.
- A rich landscape featuring picturesque scenes of Japan, where guests can enjoy the unique seasonal flowers Japan has to offer.
- Observe starry heavens only seen in Satoyama
- Enjoy rafting the clear stream, Saijo River
- Try getting on a local train, with views of the country landscape and Saijo River
- As an option, walking among the rice terraces or viewing a Kagura performance are available (additional fee)

■ Day 1 (Chojya-ya) Stay in the 280-year-old historic architecture facing rice terraces.
The large space was renovated into a Kominka-style hotel, which combines the profoundness of an earlier time and the comfort of a modern hotel.

Bathroom: You can relax in the wide bathtub or utilize the shower space provided.
Guest room: Sleep well in a bedroom, featuring the traditional Japanese architecture.
Livingroom: The house features Irori (sunken fireplace) as well as Irimoya (hipped roof) a unique feature of the house where time seems to stand still.

■ Day 2 (Kozako-Mori) 里山の四季折々の自然を感じる古民家ステイ Stay in a Kominka nestled in a rich forest.
The Doma (earthen-floored space) type living room, encompasses the feeling of being both inside and outside. This traditional living room features sliding glass windows that integrate the nature that surrounds the house.

The vast interior has been fully renovated into a modern style.
The sliding glass doors can be opened to face the forest landscape.
On a clear night, the starry sky that spreads out will take you to a mysterious world with the silence of the forest.

Living room: The outdoor ambiance, created by the surrounding glass doors, creates an open atmosphere with the inclusion of the doma and atrium.
Guest room: Rest well in a western style room featuring modern insulation and protection from the colder nights.
Breakfast: Delicious locally baked bread and jam will be served.

This tour showcases the Nature of Shobara
- Walking around the streets in Jyo-ge town, where many of the buildings feature white plaster on the outer walls
- Ueno Park, famous for its cherry blossoms (considered in the top 100 places to view cherry blossoms) or Bihoku Hillside Park, which is also spectacular for cherry blossom viewing
- Rice terrace walking (000000 yen per person)
- Ride the local train (Bingo-Saijyo Station ~ Bingo-Shobara Station), for idyllic countryside views
- Ayuno-sato Park: Rafting the pristine Saijyo river with an instructor
- Hiwa Nature Science Museum: observe the nature and geography of Chugoku region Mountains, as seen from prehistoric times, when it was an ocean.
- Kagura performance ( 00000yen per person)
- Miyoshi Winery: tasting/manufacturing process tour/ lunch